Improved security at the Pavilion


The Parish Council resolved to improve security at the Pavilion, with the aims of protecting the site and deterring unauthorised incursions onto the playing fields. Raisable and lockable bollards and a height restrictor gate were installed.

14 February 2023

The bollards to protect the gate and the height restrictor to protect the car park from high vehicles has been installed.

10 January 2023

Councillor Smith has obtained a quote for bollards to secure the gate when closed and a height restrictor to secure the area when the gate is open. The quote was deemed to represent good value and it was agreed that both these items should be ordered.

13 December 2022

Council agreed that Councillor Smith to look into costs for the installation of bollards and a height restrictor.

Supporting Information

The photos below shows bollards and height restrictor:

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