Rights of Way

The parish has several Rights of Way (RoW), some of which pass through the village. Maintaining these may be the responsibility of the land owner, or Warwickshire County Council, or both. Warwickshire County Council are responsible for upgrowth, whereas the land owner is responsible for obstruction from hedges and trees.

Volunteer groups also get involved in maintaining public rights of way.

Details of which Rights of Way are in the parish can be seen on The Definitive Map and Statement held by Warwickshire County Council.

Users of the Rights of Way are best placed to report problems and to monitor resolution. Any individual can report problems with a Right of Way using the Warwickshire County Council Public Rights of Way Map. Warwickshire County Council will investigate reported problems and, if appropriate, will encourage the land owner to clear any obstructions. The Parish Council can support in the event of an unsatisfactory response.